Japanese Compact bidet installation

Finally a more practical cleansing solution!

Compact Bidet with Warm & Cool Water Feature

This unique Bidet (also known as Japanese or Smart Bidet) is an excellent everyday hygienic solution to use in house and office.

Designed to fit on the existing toilet sets.

It can be easily installed under most 2/piece toilet seats!

(Totally hassle free!!)


This is not an external bidet requiring extra space in the bathroom, It’s a compact bidet and fits right under the existing toilet seat.

With easy operating control panel

Dual nozzles for men & women wash

No electricity or battery needed

Warm stream water flow with the Water Jet Te


Easy turning control knob to adjust water pressure & temperature

Made with high quality ABS resin with a neat design

Stainless steel hose & safety metal valves for more durability & longer life

Maximum personal hygiene

Smart self cleaning feature cleans nozzle-tip before & after use

More economic by using less paper.

Unlike many hand-held bidet which runs on cold water only, a simple turn of the knob will provide a gentle warm flow of natural water through the wash.

The temperature and water pressure can conveniently be controlled by the knobs.

Compact Bidet is less expensive than separate bidet units and saves toilet paper,

Does not require extra space in your bathroom and is easy to install,

Promotes practical dual-hygienic cleansing with a single toilet unit.

It would also;

Helps to avoid potential hand contamination from wiping,

Provides a gentle form of cleansing,

Helps avoid some of the irritation of hemorrhoids that toilet paper can cause,

Helps to prevent soiled underwear and uncleanliness,

Provides a cleansing, soothing, and refreshing feeling,

Easy to use & maintain: simple, intuitive designed control panel enables easy operation, with fully adjustable water pressure and easy cleaning powered by a discreet retractable nozzle.