Curtain Rods & Blinds Installation Services

We offer excellent workmanship and quick installation for all kinds of curtains rods, drapes, and window blinds on the wall or ceiling.

Flush To Ceiling;

Top flush configuration

Works the best where there is one wall side to support only.

Total blackout!

Works the best with double layer in the bedrooms, home theater room or any other places where you don’t want to see the outside light at all.

Vertical Blinds;

Affordable and elegant. Fits in most standard windows.

Horizontal Blinds;

Sheer Curtains;

Designer's Curtain installation;

Installation cost:

Curtain rods & fixture installation are quoted on a flat rate basis depending on:

* Your Location,
* Number of curtains/fixtures to install,
* Wall / ceiling height & material.

For a quote on your next installation, please include the above information in your e-mail message.