Standard Rates & Fees: "2024":

Services are available on a "flat rate" or hourly basis where applicable:

We offer 1  “flat rate”  on all your projects.

“Simply what you are quoted is what you will pay.” Invoices will be issued on all jobs.

To get a free estimation with a flat rate on your project, please call us for detail, or send us a SHORT-FORM.

$55.00/hour.  (first 2/hour: $195.00) (Min: 2/hrs.) *

Material handling fee: (Min.) $60.00/ per trip. **

In site verification/visit fee: $195.00 per visit.***

* (valid for residential places as shown in the Service Areas” Page,  and per 1/installer.)

Service Fees:

** Material handling fee applies when you ask us to

prepare and bring along the necessary supply & material for your projects.

 All purchased material at cost.

To get a free estimate on your project/s please forward your entire to-do-list by email with as much details on each project and pictures where necessary, or use a “SHORT-FORM“.

***In-site estimation/visit fee: Applies when you request to have an estimation or verification in your place. 

Free estimation is available online only. 

In-site verification/visit fee: $165.00 per visit.

Paid parking “where applicable” & the taxes.

DIY & Save!

We could also help you on your DIY or hobby projects which you’d like to do it by yourself but for any reason prefer to have some help around. 


Generally, a booking will require 1 to 2/weeks lead time.

(You can book by sending an email or a SHORT-FORM)

Please note:
Due to our busy schedules we can not keep pending appointments for more than 1/day. 

Pending appointments will be automatically assigned to the next customer if not confirmed within 24/hrs.

Quick Tip!

You will be served quicker when sending your request online by a “SHORT-FORM“, or an email.